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  1. Photo of Klaus Lemke

    Klaus Lemke Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paulo da Silva

    Paulo da Silva Cinematography and Sound

  3. Photo of Florian Kohlert

    Florian Kohlert Editing

  4. Photo of Malakoff Kowalski

    Malakoff Kowalski Music

  5. Photo of Henning Gronkowski

    Henning Gronkowski Cast

  6. Photo of Mela Feigenbaum

    Mela Feigenbaum Cast

  7. Photo of Leila Lowfire

    Leila Lowfire Cast

  8. Photo of Marco Barotti

    Marco Barotti Cast

  9. Photo of Raffael Betzler

    Raffael Betzler Cast

  10. Photo of Olivia Kundisch

    Olivia Kundisch Cast

  11. Photo of Sara Lisa Volm

    Sara Lisa Volm Cast

  12. Photo of Andreas Bichler

    Andreas Bichler Cast

  13. Photo of Shermine Shahriva

    Shermine Shahriva Cast

  14. Photo of Kida Khodr Ramadan

    Kida Khodr Ramadan Cast

  15. Photo of Rainer Meifert

    Rainer Meifert Cast

  16. Photo of Oliver Rath

    Oliver Rath Cast