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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Spook's rating of the film Betting on Zero

    A nice exposure of the disgusting Herbalife scheme. Besides selling products no one needs, the company and its members clearly manifest some cultlike qualities. The documentary would have been more interesting, though, if Ackman had investigated the dangers of Multi Level Marketing, and illustrated it through Herbalife. Now instead, we get a clash of two stinking rich titans, no one really feels for.

  2. S Campbell's rating of the film Betting on Zero

    Fascinating doc on a bet which might see a company go under for using pyramid selling in the guise of making real money

  3. Tomomune's rating of the film Betting on Zero

    “Herbalife vs Bill Ackman” Non-fiction story. I think Herbalife, Amway, Nu Skin are problematic and evil companies because they are very malignant Ponzi scheme. I don't know whether Bill Ackman is a good person (perhaps a hypocrite?! ), but there is a risk that those who become unhappy will increase one after another if it is a way of Herbalife.

  4. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film Betting on Zero

    Could've been more precise, but the structure and subject compensate for most of its flaws. The scenes from their extravaganza balls are by far the most memorable because they resemble that strange enthusiasm and that creepy sort of isolation from the rest of the world that the Church of Scientology is now known to promote. Hopefully this film helped to bring the issue to a larger audience.

  5. BernardoL's rating of the film Betting on Zero

    It's great to see Herbal Life being exposed for what it is, a disgusting, vile and pernicious pyramid scheme with cult-like characteristics. Having said that, the documentary is boring and thin on facts. A more technical approach to the economic and business issues would have worked better and more background on the beginning of Herbal Life and other pyramid schemes was needed.

  6. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Betting on Zero

    Guess what? Herbalife is even more monstrous than Scientology. The abusive, manipulative tactics employed by this terrifying corporation exemplify the rotten logic of neoliberalism: Everybody is an entrepreneur! Flexible hours! Benchmarks & milestones! Even more terrifying is the company's attempt to boycott/censor the director. As usual, the FTC is a tame, insignificant "watchdog". America is the Land of the Scam.