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  1.'s rating of the film Phantom Thread

    We've never shone a light on the fashion industry in quite this way before. The music from Jonny Greenhead is luscious, the garments couturious and the story dances its way through a spiral of obsessive focus on pins and petticoats as Paul Thomas Anderson gives us the last ever acting performance from Daniel Day-Lewis!

  2. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Phantom Thread

    I always make fun of PTA stans but then I end up being a PTA stan.

  3. Will C's rating of the film Phantom Thread

    What a performance for Daniel Day-Lewis to end his storied career on. Paul Thomas Anderson's latest is a dreamy voyage into the beautifully decadent fashion world, with designer Mark Bridges making his bid for a second Oscar in many beautifully staged scenes, and a trio of the year's most complex roles.