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  1. Photo of Roberto Moreira

    Roberto Moreira Screenplay, Director Producer

  2. Photo of Leona Cavalli

    Leona Cavalli Cast

  3. Photo of Sílvia Lourenço

    Sílvia Lourenço Cast

  4. Photo of Ailton Graça

    Ailton Graça Cast

  5. Photo of Giulio Lopes

    Giulio Lopes Cast

  6. Photo of Martha Meola

    Martha Meola Cast

  7. Photo of Dionísio Neto

    Dionísio Neto Cast

  8. Photo of Gustavo Machado

    Gustavo Machado Cast

  9. Photo of Paula Pretta

    Paula Pretta Cast

  10. Photo of Ismael de Araújo

    Ismael de Araújo Cast

  11. Photo of Laís Marques

    Laís Marques Cast

  12. Photo of Waterloo Gregório

    Waterloo Gregório Cast

  13. Photo of Alessandro Azevedo

    Alessandro Azevedo Cast

  14. Photo of Sergio Cavalcante

    Sergio Cavalcante Cast

  15. Photo of Élder Fraga

    Élder Fraga Cast

  16. Photo of Sérgio Pardal

    Sérgio Pardal Cast

  17. Photo of Fernando Petelinkar

    Fernando Petelinkar Cast

  18. Photo of Adrian Cooper

    Adrian Cooper Cinematography

  19. Photo of Livio Trachtenberg

    Livio Trachtenberg Music

  20. Photo of Geórgia Costa Araújo

    Geórgia Costa Araújo Producer

  21. Photo of Andrea Barata Ribeiro

    Andrea Barata Ribeiro Producer

  22. Photo of Bel Berlinck

    Bel Berlinck Producer

  23. Photo of Rachel Braga

    Rachel Braga Producer

  24. Photo of Fernando Meirelles

    Fernando Meirelles Producer

  25. Photo of Mirella Martinelli

    Mirella Martinelli Editing

  26. Photo of Simone Alves

    Simone Alves Sound

  27. Photo of Joao Godoy

    Joao Godoy Sound

  28. Photo of Fernando Henna

    Fernando Henna Sound

  29. Photo of Eduardo Santos Mendes

    Eduardo Santos Mendes Sound

  30. Photo of Marjorie Gueller

    Marjorie Gueller Costume Design

  31. Photo of Joana Porto

    Joana Porto Costume Design