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  1. Photo of Marco Bahr

    Marco Bahr Cast

  2. Photo of Nadja Schulz

    Nadja Schulz Cast

  3. Photo of Sophie Rois

    Sophie Rois Cast

  4. Photo of Eva Weißenborn

    Eva Weißenborn Cast

  5. Photo of Bärbel Bolle

    Bärbel Bolle Cast

  6. Photo of Gundula Köster

    Gundula Köster Cast

  7. Photo of Thorsten Merten

    Thorsten Merten Cast

  8. Photo of Luc Feit

    Luc Feit Cast

  9. Photo of Heidi Joschko

    Heidi Joschko Cast

  10. Photo of Klaus Nierhoff

    Klaus Nierhoff Cast

  11. Photo of Stefan Wachner

    Stefan Wachner Cinematography

  12. Photo of Bert Wrede

    Bert Wrede Music

  13. Photo of Wolfram Gast

    Wolfram Gast Production Design

  14. Photo of Lothar Holler

    Lothar Holler Production Design

  15. Photo of Katrin Schlösser

    Katrin Schlösser Producer

  16. Photo of Frank Löprich

    Frank Löprich Executive Producer and Producer

  17. Photo of Joseph Orr

    Joseph Orr Editing, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Gertraud Wahl

    Gertraud Wahl Costume Design