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  1. Ghostman's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    A funny film but nothing more or less & definitely isn't among the upper echelon of quality stoner flicks. It's got a good soundtrack & Cheech & Chong are appealing, especially when they are high, but the film could have given them more to do; both in terms of story & drugs. I'm reminded of the Afroman song, 'Because I Got High' & perhaps the script suffered because they went & got high & forgot to make it.

  2. João Portalegre's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    idk like I was really bothered the whole time because this looks like a tv movie from the 2000s it's so weird idk

  3. Thomas's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    There are moments of high-level comic performance here, sadly they are not enough to fill a feature length movie (even at this short running time). The freewheeling spirit, colourful and sunbaked world is alluring enough to hold your attention, but the joke does wear thin.

  4. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    As a straight forward comedy it's 3 stars but has to be bumped up because it caters to the stoner audience so well. Everything from the jokes, soundtrack, physical comedy, and message screams, "why aren't you smoking right now?" It found its niche and excelled to the highest level of that niche. Again, it can't be appreciated to its highest level sober, making it less universal to moviegoers.

  5. En Sangers Bøn's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    Simply the funniest gags and the most freaking out dialogues from the serie. Tommy Chong is deliriously high on weed. "Next movie" is also a fine one. The rest is pointless. If you like grotesque comedies with totally idiotic stoned freaks it is for you.

  6. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    They've made it big and got high. Cheech & Chong are so silly together - a stoner classic.

  7. Ethan's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    This is a classic of stoner comedies. Cheech and Chong made stoners badass.

  8. mjgildea's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    Admittedly funny, I just didn't find myself freaking out over it. Blame the imitators that followed, my not seeing it in my 20s or the fact that I wasn't under the influence when I saw it but I didn't fall in love with this. The opening with Chong and his parents had me hyperventilating but anything else wasn't exactly memorable. Well maybe the courtroom scene.

  9. hanon152's rating of the film Up in Smoke

  10. TheCinemaAdventurist's rating of the film Up in Smoke

  11. Nukasvianta's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    cheech dan chong salah dua orang yang merubah hidup vian dengan musik dan film mereka.

  12. Kid Sisyphus's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    The nadir of whatever counted for a counterculture movement in America. Produced in what was soon to be Reagan's America, where the run-off from the threadbare, exhausted left could only find expression in pantomime and buffoonery while in the thrall of cooptation. Still, and maybe this is just my sentimentality, there is something not altogether unfunny about Cheech and Chong together.

  13. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    One of the greatest acts of the 70's, but I prefer "Nice Dreams" personally!

  14. PETE GCDB's rating of the film Up in Smoke

    One of my all time fav comedy films!!