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  1. Leco's rating of the film Uprise

    Underwhelming non-narrative movie. As much I've appreciated some technical aspects of the cinematography early on the movie, it's just not enough to relate to the despair and loneliness of those characters. The pace is difficult to accompany and the ending is not at all gratifying. (NOTE: if you're reading this and care to have a more decent look on the movie, you can have a look on the comment below)

  2. Niki D's rating of the film Uprise

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Uprise

    A director well known for shorts, this is Sandro Aguilar's sole feature length film to date. Much like his short films plotting is not overly important and its more of the atmosphere created and feelings generated that are important. When the sound design/editing is the most impressive element you're not dealing with the most literal filmmaker. Interesting even if at times you're wondering: 'will anything happen?'

  4. Anonymous's rating of the film Uprise

    A miraculous personal film, directed with a great eye. Some of the best images I have seen in awhile, I believe this is the only site to have the film for viewing, please do yourself a favor and watch as a new great director debuts his first feature.

  5. Eduardo A.'s rating of the film Uprise

    Great movie. I really do recommend it.