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  1. Photo of Andy Fetscher

    Andy Fetscher Director

  2. Photo of Martin Thau

    Martin Thau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nathalie Kelley

    Nathalie Kelley Cast

  4. Photo of Nick Eversman

    Nick Eversman Cast

  5. Photo of Klaus Stiglmeier

    Klaus Stiglmeier Cast

  6. Photo of Max Riemelt

    Max Riemelt Cast

  7. Photo of Catherine de Léan

    Catherine de Léan Cast

  8. Photo of Brenda Koo

    Brenda Koo Cast

  9. Photo of Adolfo Assor

    Adolfo Assor Cast

  10. Photo of Johannes Klaußner

    Johannes Klaußner Cast

  11. Photo of Andreas Wisniewski

    Andreas Wisniewski Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Henke

    Robert Henke Music

  13. Photo of Steven Schwalbe

    Steven Schwalbe Music

  14. Photo of Oliver Thau

    Oliver Thau Producer

  15. Photo of Martin Hellstern

    Martin Hellstern Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Felix Wendlandt

    Felix Wendlandt Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Christian Schossig

    Christian Schossig Sound