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  1. Photo of Carlo Campogalliani

    Carlo Campogalliani Director

  2. Photo of Giuseppe Mangione

    Giuseppe Mangione Screenplay

  3. Photo of Giuliano Carnimeo

    Giuliano Carnimeo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sergio Sollima

    Sergio Sollima Screenplay

  5. Photo of Natividad Zaro

    Natividad Zaro Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ed Fury

    Ed Fury Cast

  7. Photo of Cristina Gaioni

    Cristina Gaioni Cast

  8. Photo of Moira Orfei

    Moira Orfei Cast

  9. Photo of Mario Scaccia

    Mario Scaccia Cast

  10. Photo of Luis Prendes

    Luis Prendes Cast

  11. Photo of Rafael Luis Calvo

    Rafael Luis Calvo Cast

  12. Photo of Mariangela Giordano

    Mariangela Giordano Cast

  13. Photo of Nino Fuscagni

    Nino Fuscagni Cast

  14. Photo of Soledad Miranda

    Soledad Miranda Cast

  15. Photo of Antonio Gil

    Antonio Gil Cast

  16. Photo of Cris Huerta

    Cris Huerta Cast

  17. Photo of Roberto Camardiel

    Roberto Camardiel Cast

  18. Photo of Eloy Mella

    Eloy Mella Cinematography

  19. Photo of Roman Vlad

    Roman Vlad Music

  20. Photo of Italo Zingarelli

    Italo Zingarelli Producer

  21. Photo of Franco Fraticelli

    Franco Fraticelli Editing

  22. Photo of Julio Peña

    Julio Peña Editing