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  1. Photo of Toshiki Inoue

    Toshiki Inoue Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rumiko Takahashi

    Rumiko Takahashi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fumi Hirano

    Fumi Hirano Cast

  4. Photo of Toshio Furukawa

    Toshio Furukawa Cast

  5. Photo of Akira Kamiya

    Akira Kamiya Cast

  6. Photo of Kazuko Sugiyama

    Kazuko Sugiyama Cast

  7. Photo of Saeko Shimazu

    Saeko Shimazu Cast

  8. Photo of Shigeru Chiba

    Shigeru Chiba Cast

  9. Photo of Akira Murayama

    Akira Murayama Cast

  10. Photo of Issei Futamata

    Issei Futamata Cast

  11. Photo of Tomomichi Nishimura

    Tomomichi Nishimura Cast

  12. Photo of Michihiro Ikemizu

    Michihiro Ikemizu Cast

  13. Photo of Kazuo Yamazaki

    Kazuo Yamazaki Director