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Ratings & Reviews

  1. francisca bacon's rating of the film Utopia

    Russian "утопленник" (drowned person) conveniently chimes with "Utopia" since here is a slow, asphyxiating, sinking-heart belt strap of a film which on a cursory glance is a backlash on liberal proselytizing against Oriental harems oblivious of its own female enslavement. Still trickily non-feminist as it's a woman who picks up the gangster role, leaving one puzzled if the new leadership is fairer to the prostitutes.

  2. H. K. ‡'s rating of the film Utopia

    Watch it here: (part two in description)

  3. marco's rating of the film Utopia

    my lost treasures list

  4. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Utopia

    The magnum opus of misery. Needless to say, a huge shame this director's films are not easily accessible and/or terrible quality if you can find them.

  5. N҉O҉ L҉O҉N҉G҉E҉R҉ H҉U҉M҉A҉N҉'s rating of the film Utopia

    The club's boss should go to Harvard Business School first to learn leadership and managing people before he open the business and be killed thereafter.

  6. apursansar's rating of the film Utopia

    This little known German film by Iranian director Sohrab Shahid-Saless has been compared by critics to Pasolini's Salò. And with a reason: It's just as claustrophobic, brutal and controversial. But it can't be ignored that Utopia actually shares more common ground with Sartre's "No Exit". If there's one sentence that perfectly sums up the film's main concerns, it's without a doubt: "Hell is other people."