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  1. Photo of Geoff Murphy

    Geoff Murphy Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Kerry Robins

    Kerry Robins Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Carson-Parker

    David Carson-Parker Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Don Blakeney

    Don Blakeney Producer

  5. Photo of Keith Aberdein

    Keith Aberdein Screenplay

  6. Photo of Graeme Cowley

    Graeme Cowley Cinematography

  7. Photo of Anzac Wallace

    Anzac Wallace Cast

  8. Photo of Bruno Lawrence

    Bruno Lawrence Cast

  9. Photo of Tim Elliot

    Tim Elliot Cast

  10. Photo of Kelly Johnson

    Kelly Johnson Cast

  11. Photo of Wi Kuki Kaa

    Wi Kuki Kaa Cast

  12. Photo of Merata Mita

    Merata Mita Cast

  13. Photo of Martyn Sanderson

    Martyn Sanderson Cast

  14. Photo of Illona Rodgers

    Illona Rodgers Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Horton

    Michael Horton Editing

  16. Photo of Ian John

    Ian John Editing

  17. Photo of Ron Highfield

    Ron Highfield Production Design

  18. Photo of John Charles

    John Charles Music

  19. Photo of Michael Kane

    Michael Kane Costume Design