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  1. Photo of Gilles Paquet-Brenner

    Gilles Paquet-Brenner Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stéphane Marsil

    Stéphane Marsil Producer

  3. Photo of Danièle Delorme

    Danièle Delorme Producer

  4. Photo of Serge Joncour

    Serge Joncour Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lolita Pille

    Lolita Pille Screenplay

  6. Photo of Diego Martínez Vignatti

    Diego Martínez Vignatti Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jacques Dutronc

    Jacques Dutronc Cast

  8. Photo of Marthe Keller

    Marthe Keller Cast

  9. Photo of Nicolas Cazalé

    Nicolas Cazalé Cast

  10. Photo of Laura Smet

    Laura Smet Cast

  11. Photo of Anne Caillon

    Anne Caillon Cast

  12. Photo of Pascal Elbé

    Pascal Elbé Cast

  13. Photo of Alexis Loret

    Alexis Loret Cast

  14. Photo of Bertrand Collard

    Bertrand Collard Editing

  15. Photo of Riton Dupire-Clément

    Riton Dupire-Clément Production Design

  16. Photo of Aude Brenner

    Aude Brenner Music

  17. Photo of Roger Eon

    Roger Eon Music

  18. Photo of Alban Schafer

    Alban Schafer Music

  19. Photo of Dominique Warnier

    Dominique Warnier Sound