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  1. Photo of Tofiq Tagizada

    Tofiq Tagizada Director

  2. Photo of Hasan Seyidbayli

    Hasan Seyidbayli Screenplay

  3. Photo of İmran Qasımov

    İmran Qasımov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alisattar Atakisiyev

    Alisattar Atakisiyev Cinematography

  5. Photo of Qara Qarayev

    Qara Qarayev Music

  6. Photo of Kamil Nacafzada

    Kamil Nacafzada Production Design

  7. Photo of Cabrayıl Azimov

    Cabrayıl Azimov Production Design

  8. Photo of Ağahüseyn Karimov

    Ağahüseyn Karimov Sound

  9. Photo of Nodar Şaşıqoğlu

    Nodar Şaşıqoğlu Cast

  10. Photo of Yuri Bogolyubov

    Yuri Bogolyubov Cast

  11. Photo of Alasgar Alakbarov

    Alasgar Alakbarov Cast

  12. Photo of Lev Bordukov

    Lev Bordukov Cast

  13. Photo of Agniya Yelekoyeva

    Agniya Yelekoyeva Cast

  14. Photo of Andrei Fajt

    Andrei Fajt Cast

  15. Photo of Grigori Shpigel

    Grigori Shpigel Cast

  16. Photo of Nikolay Bogolyubov

    Nikolay Bogolyubov Cast

  17. Photo of Adil İsgandarov

    Adil İsgandarov Cast

  18. Photo of Mariya Fiqner

    Mariya Fiqner Cast

  19. Photo of Konstantin Adamov

    Konstantin Adamov Cast

  20. Photo of Salman Dadaşov

    Salman Dadaşov Cast

  21. Photo of Talat Rahmanov

    Talat Rahmanov Cast

  22. Photo of Lidiya Dranovskaya

    Lidiya Dranovskaya Cast

  23. Photo of Konstantin Myakişev

    Konstantin Myakişev Cast

  24. Photo of Waldemar Sandberg

    Waldemar Sandberg Cast

  25. Photo of Anatoli Falkoviç

    Anatoli Falkoviç Cast

  26. Photo of Boris Çinkin

    Boris Çinkin Cast

  27. Photo of Sergei Yurtajkin

    Sergei Yurtajkin Cast

  28. Photo of Hacimurad Yegizarov

    Hacimurad Yegizarov Cast

  29. Photo of Yan Yanakiyev

    Yan Yanakiyev Cast