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  1. Photo of Neri Parenti

    Neri Parenti Director

  2. Photo of Fausto Brizzi

    Fausto Brizzi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marco Martani

    Marco Martani Screenplay

  4. Photo of Domenico Saverni

    Domenico Saverni Screenplay

  5. Photo of Christian De Sica

    Christian De Sica Cast

  6. Photo of Massimo Ghini

    Massimo Ghini Cast

  7. Photo of Angela Finocchiaro

    Angela Finocchiaro Cast

  8. Photo of Ilaria Spada

    Ilaria Spada Cast

  9. Photo of Stefano Antonucci

    Stefano Antonucci Cast

  10. Photo of Dario Bandiera

    Dario Bandiera Cast

  11. Photo of Luca Argentero

    Luca Argentero Cast

  12. Photo of Bruno Zambrini

    Bruno Zambrini Music

  13. Photo of Luca Montanari

    Luca Montanari Editing

  14. Photo of Gino Sgreva

    Gino Sgreva Cinematography