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  1. Photo of György Szomjas

    György Szomjas Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Zoltán Zsuráfszki

    Zoltán Zsuráfszki Director

  3. Photo of Peter Simon

    Peter Simon Cast

  4. Photo of Kata Horváth

    Kata Horváth Cast

  5. Photo of Graci Benke

    Graci Benke Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Kerényi

    Robert Kerényi Cast

  7. Photo of Judit Abraham

    Judit Abraham Cast

  8. Photo of Csaba Simon

    Csaba Simon Cast

  9. Photo of Enikö Kocsis

    Enikö Kocsis Cast

  10. Photo of Sándor Badár

    Sándor Badár Cast

  11. Photo of Ágnes Csere

    Ágnes Csere Cast

  12. Photo of Béla Éless

    Béla Éless Cast

  13. Photo of Judit Schell

    Judit Schell Cast

  14. Photo of Ferenc Grunwalsky

    Ferenc Grunwalsky Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ferenc Kiss

    Ferenc Kiss Music

  16. Photo of László Molnár

    László Molnár Production Design

  17. Photo of Katalin Rosta

    Katalin Rosta Producer

  18. Photo of Anna Kornis

    Anna Kornis Editing