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  1. Photo of Gerd Oswald

    Gerd Oswald Director

  2. Photo of Hal R. Makelim

    Hal R. Makelim Producer

  3. Photo of Laurence Heath

    Laurence Heath Screenplay

  4. Photo of Emmett Murphy

    Emmett Murphy Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ernest Laszlo

    Ernest Laszlo Cinematography

  6. Photo of Sterling Hayden

    Sterling Hayden Cast

  7. Photo of Anita Ekberg

    Anita Ekberg Cast

  8. Photo of Anthony Steel

    Anthony Steel Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Walker

    Peter Walker Cast

  10. Photo of John Wengraf

    John Wengraf Cast

  11. Photo of David Bretherton

    David Bretherton Editing

  12. Photo of Ralph W. Nelson

    Ralph W. Nelson Production Design

  13. Photo of Albert Glasser

    Albert Glasser Music

  14. Photo of Dolph Rudeen

    Dolph Rudeen Sound

  15. Photo of Leah Rhodes

    Leah Rhodes Costume Design