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  1. Photo of Wesley Ruggles

    Wesley Ruggles Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Claude Binyon

    Claude Binyon Screenplay

  3. Photo of Barry Benefield

    Barry Benefield Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gladys George

    Gladys George Cast

  5. Photo of Arline Judge

    Arline Judge Cast

  6. Photo of John Howard

    John Howard Cast

  7. Photo of Dudley Digges

    Dudley Digges Cast

  8. Photo of Harry Carey

    Harry Carey Cast

  9. Photo of Isabel Jewell

    Isabel Jewell Cast

  10. Photo of Jackie Moran

    Jackie Moran Cast

  11. Photo of Charlene Wyatt

    Charlene Wyatt Cast

  12. Photo of John Wray

    John Wray Cast

  13. Photo of William Collier Sr.

    William Collier Sr. Cast

  14. Photo of Hattie McDaniel

    Hattie McDaniel Cast

  15. Photo of Lew Payton

    Lew Payton Cast

  16. Photo of Grady Sutton

    Grady Sutton Cast

  17. Photo of Leo Tover

    Leo Tover Cinematography

  18. Photo of Friedrich Hollaender

    Friedrich Hollaender Music

  19. Photo of William LeBaron

    William LeBaron Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Otho Lovering

    Otho Lovering Editing

  21. Photo of Travis Banton

    Travis Banton Costume Design