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  1. Photo of Mark Robson

    Mark Robson Producer, Director

  2. Photo of David Weisbart

    David Weisbart Producer

  3. Photo of Helen Deutsch

    Helen Deutsch Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dorothy Kingsley

    Dorothy Kingsley Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jaqueline Susann

    Jaqueline Susann Screenplay

  6. Photo of William H. Daniels

    William H. Daniels Cinematography

  7. Photo of Barbara Parkins

    Barbara Parkins Cast

  8. Photo of Patty Duke

    Patty Duke Cast

  9. Photo of Sharon Tate

    Sharon Tate Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Cast

  11. Photo of Susan Hayward

    Susan Hayward Cast

  12. Photo of Tony Scotti

    Tony Scotti Cast

  13. Photo of Martin Milner

    Martin Milner Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Drake

    Charles Drake Cast

  15. Photo of Alexander Davion

    Alexander Davion Cast

  16. Photo of Lee Grant

    Lee Grant Cast

  17. Photo of Dorothy Spencer

    Dorothy Spencer Editing

  18. Photo of Naomi Stevens

    Naomi Stevens Cast

  19. Photo of Robert H. Harris

    Robert H. Harris Cast

  20. Photo of Jacqueline Susann

    Jacqueline Susann Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Viharo

    Robert Viharo Cast

  22. Photo of Joey Bishop

    Joey Bishop Cast

  23. Photo of George Jessel

    George Jessel Cast

  24. Photo of Richard Dreyfuss

    Richard Dreyfuss Cast

  25. Photo of Marvin Hamlisch

    Marvin Hamlisch Cast

  26. Photo of Richard Hoyt

    Richard Hoyt Cast

  27. Photo of Margaret Whiting

    Margaret Whiting Cast

  28. Photo of Philip M. Jefferies

    Philip M. Jefferies Production Design

  29. Photo of André Previn

    André Previn Music

  30. Photo of Dory Previn

    Dory Previn Music

  31. Photo of John Williams

    John Williams Music