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  1. Photo of Kyotaro Namiki

    Kyotaro Namiki Director

  2. Photo of Junko Ikeuchi

    Junko Ikeuchi Cast

  3. Photo of Hiroko Amakusa

    Hiroko Amakusa Cast

  4. Photo of Reiko Seto

    Reiko Seto Cast

  5. Photo of Yasuko Mita

    Yasuko Mita Cast

  6. Photo of Kyōko Yashiro

    Kyōko Yashiro Cast

  7. Photo of Tatsuo Terashima

    Tatsuo Terashima Cast

  8. Photo of Keiji Takamiya

    Keiji Takamiya Cast

  9. Photo of Fujie Satsuki

    Fujie Satsuki Cast

  10. Photo of Kiyoko Tsuji

    Kiyoko Tsuji Cast

  11. Photo of Jōtarō Yuki

    Jōtarō Yuki Cast

  12. Photo of Hiroshi Shingūji

    Hiroshi Shingūji Cast

  13. Photo of Akiko Yamashita

    Akiko Yamashita Cast

  14. Photo of Hiroshi Sugi

    Hiroshi Sugi Cast

  15. Photo of Masao Takamatsu

    Masao Takamatsu Cast

  16. Photo of Yuriko Tsukino

    Yuriko Tsukino Cast

  17. Photo of Kinuko Wakamizu

    Kinuko Wakamizu Cast

  18. Photo of Mitsugu Ôkura

    Mitsugu Ôkura Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Ippei Nagasaki

    Ippei Nagasaki Screenplay

  20. Photo of Hiroya Abe

    Hiroya Abe Music