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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Vampire

    Intéressante variation sur l'immortel mythe du vampire, qui nous vaut une excellente première partie, pour ensuite s'étioler lentement en séquences additives surnuméraires, se traînant en fastidieuses longueurs, et finalement se clôturer sur un final d'une inconsistance et d'une banalité phénoménales...

  2. yasdnil's rating of the film Vampire

    Vampire had a quirky beginning that drew me in, and I was even more intrigued by the main character being some pseudo-vampire. Unfortunately, it was a downfall after the first 20 minutes. I had to shut it off during a scene in which other "vampires" gather together with Party City capes, a Dracula film, and talk about how serial killers are vampires - while standing next to blood-soaked mannequins. Blegh.

  3. Katerina's rating of the film Vampire

  4. Max's rating of the film Vampire

    I blogged about this before I knew anything about it:

  5. uzaigaijin's rating of the film Vampire

    Well well well, or course my two « Iwai Shunji fanclub » buddies posted already :D Can’t wait to see it, these 7 years of waiting where sooooooo long.

  6. Acerk21's rating of the film Vampire

    This is Iwai's first full-length feature film since 2004's Hana & Alice! I think I can speak for all Shunji Iwai fans when I say, "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!"

  7. Laura Katherine's rating of the film Vampire

    Does anyone have any release info on this?

  8. Westley's rating of the film Vampire

    Enigmatic. It has that mesmerizing quality that Shunji Iwai films have. Lots of interesting little moments captured on film. In case you are wondering, this is not a horror film, so don't go into it expecting that. The Lionsgate DVD cover is really misleading.

  9. Amy's rating of the film Vampire

    Dying to watch this, and of course... Acerk is here. xD

  10. autistic's rating of the film Vampire