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  1. Ronja's rating of the film Van Gogh

    as a fan of Pialat I was expecting great things, and yes, this is a wonderful portrait of an artist, full of space for interpretation, not vulgar in any sense (I believe most biographical films about artists long gone are vulgar, because they shape a stereotype, while Pialat manages to avoid that). however, I have to admit that it felt as if something crucial was missing, some cinematic magic. 3,5

  2. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Masterpiece. There are no words.

  3. Jason's rating of the film Van Gogh

    One of the greatest films I have ever seen. Probably Pialat's best (and Pialat is an unreconstituted God). So much to savor. I am especially struck by the seamless unified mastery of what is in fact the work of three different cinematographers. Pialat is the only rival to Cassavetes in representing the complicated dynamic mess we all are. If Joan of Arc is my quintessential screen woman, Dutonc's Van Gogh is my man.

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Pialat Retrospective, Pacific Film Archive, 21 February 2016

  5. Elena Lazic's rating of the film Van Gogh

    4.5 I want to watch it again right now.

  6. Bandeira's rating of the film Van Gogh

    I hope Van Gogh ripped women's blouses like that in real life.

  7. José Neves's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Cinematography by Gilles Henry, Jacques Loiseleux and Emmanuel Machuel.

  8. sebastianbarronmubi's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Waste of time watching this flat, grey film. If you want to see a decent portrayal of Vincent Van Gogh, I highly recommend Lust For Life starring Kirk Douglas.

  9. Ben Dooley's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Lots to love here - the relationship with the brother and his wife is strong; the discussion of art is intelligent; and Pialat's modulation of emotions in script and actors' performances within a scene is particularly masterful. Oddly the relationship with Marguerite holds the film together well, despite there being no real evidence for it; slightly questionable biopic practice, but ah well... More Pialat please!

  10. ContemporaryBirds's rating of the film Van Gogh

  11. Aaron Oliver-Carter's rating of the film Van Gogh

    A beautiful and masterful film, truly captivating!

  12. Burcu's rating of the film Van Gogh

    “Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.” ― Vincent van Gogh

  13. rynmcgnns's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Gotta love the moment when Gachet gestures at the wall and jokes about the future of painting.

  14. Aleatoire's rating of the film Van Gogh

    Même si Dutronc campe un Van Gogh absolument parfait et le suivre dans sa vie encore plus que dans ses travaux est un délice, je n'ai jamais supporté ni le personnage de Marguerite ni l'interprétation apprêtée de l'actrice. Dommage.

  15. chanandre's rating of the film Van Gogh

    [Cinémathèque PT #12: 35 mm]