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  1. Photo of Nicola De Rinaldo

    Nicola De Rinaldo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paolo Lo Giudice

    Paolo Lo Giudice Screenplay

  3. Photo of Renato Carpentieri

    Renato Carpentieri Cast

  4. Photo of Barbara D'Urso

    Barbara D'Urso Cast

  5. Photo of Lorenza Indovina

    Lorenza Indovina Cast

  6. Photo of Alessandra Mastronardi

    Alessandra Mastronardi Cast

  7. Photo of Caterina De Regibus

    Caterina De Regibus Cast

  8. Photo of Ottavio Costa

    Ottavio Costa Cast

  9. Photo of Nello Rivie

    Nello Rivie Cast

  10. Photo of Antonella Monetti

    Antonella Monetti Cast

  11. Photo of Alessandra D'Elia

    Alessandra D'Elia Cast

  12. Photo of Dodo Gagliardi

    Dodo Gagliardi Cast

  13. Photo of Francesca Cutolo

    Francesca Cutolo Cast

  14. Photo of Sabrina De Martino

    Sabrina De Martino Cast

  15. Photo of Filomena Scognamiglio

    Filomena Scognamiglio Cast

  16. Photo of Sergio Rispoli

    Sergio Rispoli Cast

  17. Photo of Emilio Bonucci

    Emilio Bonucci Cast

  18. Photo of Regina Bianchi

    Regina Bianchi Cast

  19. Photo of Mario Scarpetta

    Mario Scarpetta Cast

  20. Photo of Gaetano Amato

    Gaetano Amato Cast

  21. Photo of Marco Carosi

    Marco Carosi Cinematography

  22. Photo of Marco Zurzolo

    Marco Zurzolo Music

  23. Photo of Renato Lori

    Renato Lori Production Design

  24. Photo of Federica Lang

    Federica Lang Editing

  25. Photo of Rosaria Donadio Maria

    Rosaria Donadio Maria Costume Design