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  1. Photo of Ewald André Dupont

    Ewald André Dupont Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Felix Hollaender

    Felix Hollaender Novel

  3. Photo of Emil Jannings

    Emil Jannings Cast

  4. Photo of Maly Delschaft

    Maly Delschaft Cast

  5. Photo of Lya De Putti

    Lya De Putti Cast

  6. Photo of Warwick Ward

    Warwick Ward Cast

  7. Photo of Alice Hechy

    Alice Hechy Cast

  8. Photo of Georg John

    Georg John Cast

  9. Photo of Kurt Gerron

    Kurt Gerron Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Rehkopf

    Paul Rehkopf Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Lincoln

    Charles Lincoln Cast

  12. Photo of Georg Baselt

    Georg Baselt Cast

  13. Photo of Trude Hesterberg

    Trude Hesterberg Cast

  14. Photo of Werner Krauss

    Werner Krauss Cast

  15. Photo of Karl Freund

    Karl Freund Cinematography

  16. Photo of Carl Hoffmann

    Carl Hoffmann Cinematography

  17. Photo of Erno Rapee

    Erno Rapee Music

  18. Photo of Stephen Horne

    Stephen Horne Music

  19. Photo of Erich Pommer

    Erich Pommer Producer

  20. Photo of Alfred Junge

    Alfred Junge Art Department

  21. Photo of Oscar Friedrich Werndorff

    Oscar Friedrich Werndorff Art Department

  22. Photo of Ernst Kunstmann

    Ernst Kunstmann Special Effects

  23. Photo of Eugen Schüfftan

    Eugen Schüfftan Visual Effects