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  1. Photo of Arto Paasilinna

    Arto Paasilinna Novel

  2. Photo of Christopher Lambert

    Christopher Lambert Cast

  3. Photo of Julie Gayet

    Julie Gayet Cast

  4. Photo of Rémy Girard

    Rémy Girard Cast

  5. Photo of François Morel

    François Morel Cast

  6. Photo of Johan Leysen

    Johan Leysen Cast

  7. Photo of Eric Godon

    Eric Godon Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Marie Winling

    Jean-Marie Winling Cast

  9. Photo of Itschak Fintzi

    Itschak Fintzi Cast

  10. Photo of Meglena Karalambova

    Meglena Karalambova Cast

  11. Photo of Atanass Atanassov

    Atanass Atanassov Cast

  12. Photo of Dominique Besnehard

    Dominique Besnehard Cast

  13. Photo of Emilia Radeva

    Emilia Radeva Cast

  14. Photo of Christian Sinniger

    Christian Sinniger Cast

  15. Photo of Bernard Eylenbosch

    Bernard Eylenbosch Cast

  16. Photo of Stefan Ivanov

    Stefan Ivanov Cinematography

  17. Photo of Goran Bregović

    Goran Bregović Music

  18. Photo of Prolet Spasova

    Prolet Spasova Production Design

  19. Photo of Marc Rivière

    Marc Rivière Producer, Screenplay Director

  20. Photo of Frédéric Fichefet

    Frédéric Fichefet Editing

  21. Photo of Mathieu Cox

    Mathieu Cox Sound

  22. Photo of Thomas Gauder

    Thomas Gauder Sound

  23. Photo of Paul Heymans

    Paul Heymans Sound

  24. Photo of Valérie Le Docte

    Valérie Le Docte Sound

  25. Photo of Henri Morelle

    Henri Morelle Sound

  26. Photo of Michel Schillings

    Michel Schillings Sound

  27. Photo of Alain Sironval

    Alain Sironval Sound

  28. Photo of Olivier Thys

    Olivier Thys Sound

  29. Photo of Philippe van Leer

    Philippe van Leer Sound

  30. Photo of Olivier Walczak

    Olivier Walczak Sound

  31. Photo of Nathalie Leborgne

    Nathalie Leborgne Costume Design