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  1. Photo of Ralph Thomas

    Ralph Thomas Director

  2. Photo of Victor Canning

    Victor Canning Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Todd

    Richard Todd Cast

  4. Photo of Eva Bartok

    Eva Bartok Cast

  5. Photo of John Gregson

    John Gregson Cast

  6. Photo of George Coulouris

    George Coulouris Cast

  7. Photo of Sidney James

    Sidney James Cast

  8. Photo of Miles Malleson

    Miles Malleson Cast

  9. Photo of Margot Grahame

    Margot Grahame Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Rilla

    Walter Rilla Cast

  11. Photo of John Bailey

    John Bailey Cast

  12. Photo of Martin Boddey

    Martin Boddey Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Balfour

    Michael Balfour Cast

  14. Photo of Sydney Tafler

    Sydney Tafler Cast

  15. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  16. Photo of David Hurst

    David Hurst Cast

  17. Photo of Raymond Young

    Raymond Young Cast

  18. Photo of Ferdy Mayne

    Ferdy Mayne Cast

  19. Photo of Jill Clifford

    Jill Clifford Cast

  20. Photo of Eileen Way

    Eileen Way Cast

  21. Photo of Toni Lucarda

    Toni Lucarda Cast

  22. Photo of Janice Kane

    Janice Kane Cast

  23. Photo of Meier Tzelniker

    Meier Tzelniker Cast

  24. Photo of Marianne Stone

    Marianne Stone Cast

  25. Photo of Ernest Steward

    Ernest Steward Cinematography

  26. Photo of Nino Rota

    Nino Rota Music

  27. Photo of Betty E. Box

    Betty E. Box Producer

  28. Photo of Earl St. John

    Earl St. John Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Gerald Thomas

    Gerald Thomas Editing