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  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Vengeance

    Contrast between Macao's colourful nights and Costello's black hat and coat, contrast between spaghetti with Italian sauce and noodles with exotic flavors. A few superb scenes like the fight under the moon and the scene of the umbrellas. A good surprise. Recommended.

  2. giovanni's rating of the film Vengeance

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Vengeance

    Johnny To knows exactly what he's doing. To's obsessions are too obvious here, but only because he uses tradition and cliche to undermine the all the tradition and cliche he's built up to in the film's fascinating and infuriating third act. Its moments: a floating boomerang, rolling bales of trash, and endless umbrellas on a rainy day, act like half-remembered moments of lonely souls, confirming a singular vision.

  4. Aaken's rating of the film Vengeance

    I'm not so much into Johnny Hallyday as a singer, but he is indeniably a presence on screen. Brutal and sensitive, wasted by life and time. Magnificent and poignant.

  5. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Vengeance

  6. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Vengeance

    Le scene d'azione sono semplicemente sublimi: le sparatorie con quei ritmi dilatati e quegli accompagnamenti musicali sembrano uscite dall'epica di Leone. Per il resto è una "semplice" storia di vendetta in cui oriente e occidente si uniscono nel fuoco che poi consuma tutto. Splendido il personaggio protagonista e i tre killer. Finale da sturbo.

  7. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Vengeance

    Altro saggio del talento di Jonnie To: "Vendicami" è un potente saggio sulla vendetta,purissima ed elevata all'ennesima potenza.Tra ironia e citazionismo,To costruisce una storia folle con passaggi super-azzeccati,dal personaggio del cuoco-sicario,alle fotografie alla Memento,al finale chiaramente leoniano per stile e movimenti.La sparatoria con le balle nel campo è da annali.Grande grande regista.4*

  8. Clayton Wong's rating of the film Vengeance

    Nice action scenes but I don't really care about anything else.

  9. lacame's rating of the film Vengeance

    elegante, freddo, epico. gente che si vendica dall'inizio alla fine del film, in modo contagioso, fino a perdere di significato, a dimenticarsi perchè si è iniziato. cose belle: le pallottole d'inchiostro rosso mattone; il momento prima della mega sparatoria nella discarica del cugino di kwai; il dialogo a tavola con i sicari ( kwai: who are you? / costello: i'm a chef. / kwai: a chef.. chef my ass!)

  10. Tigrão's rating of the film Vengeance

    Visually stunning. It would have been grand with a script little more consistant.

  11. M Klein's rating of the film Vengeance

    Disappointed: Just thought Anthony Wong would speak better English.

  12. Ryan Borja's rating of the film Vengeance

    The cinematography, art and production design rank highest among the very best I've seen in years. These aspects of filmmaking will make Park Chan Wok proud. The story quite meanders, however, with the addition of a useless surreal subplot just before the few final sequence. But these story glitches are easily forgiven and Vengeance still makes To one of the best living world filmmakers.

  13. vordven's rating of the film Vengeance

  14. Jake Cole's rating of the film Vengeance

    "What does revenge mean when you've forgotten everything?" The answer, of course, is nothing, but by the point anyone realizes that, vengeance has become such a ravenous parasite that it transfers hosts to continue to live. Motion is a key aspect of all of To's films, but here it seems to embody the termitic jumps of the drive for revenge among characters both villainous and heroic (for want of a better phrase).

  15. Guido Fierlbeck's rating of the film Vengeance

  16. Gondo's rating of the film Vengeance

    To's vengeance is not a real catharsis for our hero, he deprives him of the basis for this halfway through the film and lets the memories of all this thirst for blood melt away in the rain. The end of the film is then for example no longer really a search for an actual puppeteer but a search for visual clues which identify him as such. All thats left are traces of his evil deeds in the faces of other people.

  17. Zach Closs's rating of the film Vengeance

    Mr. To's most atmospheric, visually lavish and full-blooded noir; makes ingenious use of expressionism and pathetic fallacy. The landfill skirmish in particular -- with those clumsy, lumbering bales of garbage providing just enough cover for the men to pause and coyly light cigarettes -- grasps a Kitano-esque juxtaposition of youthful charm and mechanical violence.

  18. Zachary Curl's rating of the film Vengeance

    like quite a few Johnnie To films, this movie gets needlessly convoluted in parts when he decides to add so many ideas into one story. so many of the elements in this film seem haphazardly thrown in at various points throughout the film and it really hampers an otherwise not so bad film.

  19. tnzk's rating of the film Vengeance

    Johnnie To cements himself as one of my favourite directors. Super stylish.

  20. Kyle Lewis's rating of the film Vengeance

    This coat belongs to you. BANG!

  21. Greg S.'s rating of the film Vengeance

    The influences are obvious but in addition to those listed I'm surprised no one has brought up 'Point Blank' since both revenge films deal with the past and present simultaneously. The hero here forgetting what the word 'vengeance' means, writes it on his gun both revealing the past and seemingly writing his future. It is derivative of other films but these isights showcase To as a true auteur.

  22. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Vengeance

    Mixes Peckinpah,Mellville,Woo you name it and boy does it deliver

  23. Eastern Film Fans's rating of the film Vengeance

    There is little in way of twists and turns and what you see if what you get from a story point of view but what you do get is the usual high calibre gunplay action we come to expect in the action sequences. It's up there with The mission and Exiled and the action just hits you in the face and then comes back round for another smack, it oozes beauty

  24. The Africa Film Project's rating of the film Vengeance

    Wow! A film maker in his absloute prime. Mad Detective, Exiled and now this amazing masterpiece! A true hommage to Melville and the French Noir.

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