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  1. Photo of Victor Nieuwenhuijs

    Victor Nieuwenhuijs Director, Cinematography, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

    Leopold von Sacher-Masoch Screenplay

  3. Photo of André Arend van de Noord

    André Arend van de Noord Cast

  4. Photo of Julia Braams

    Julia Braams Cast

  5. Photo of Meredith Chanahung

    Meredith Chanahung Cast

  6. Photo of Rupert Degas

    Rupert Degas Cast

  7. Photo of Claire Mijnals

    Claire Mijnals Cast

  8. Photo of Sabine Te Vrede

    Sabine Te Vrede Cast

  9. Photo of Raymond Thiry

    Raymond Thiry Cast

  10. Photo of Anne van de Ven

    Anne van de Ven Cast

  11. Photo of Hilt de Vos

    Hilt de Vos Cast

  12. Photo of Herbert van Drongelen

    Herbert van Drongelen Editing

  13. Photo of Maartje Seyferth

    Maartje Seyferth Editing, Screenplay Director