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  1. Photo of Rudolf Thome

    Rudolf Thome Director, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Böhmer

    Wolfgang Böhmer Music

  3. Photo of Carsten Thiele

    Carsten Thiele Cinematography

  4. Photo of Karin Nowarra

    Karin Nowarra Editing

  5. Photo of Reinhard Deitmann

    Reinhard Deitmann Production Design

  6. Photo of Frank Bubenzer

    Frank Bubenzer Sound

  7. Photo of Sabine Bach

    Sabine Bach Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Tebb

    Roger Tebb Cast

  9. Photo of Vladimir Weigl

    Vladimir Weigl Cast

  10. Photo of Guntram Brattia

    Guntram Brattia Cast

  11. Photo of André Meyer

    André Meyer Cast

  12. Photo of Rolf Peter Kahl

    Rolf Peter Kahl Cast

  13. Photo of Isabell Hindersin

    Isabell Hindersin Cast

  14. Photo of Nicole Berger

    Nicole Berger Cast

  15. Photo of Nora Hanke

    Nora Hanke Cast

  16. Photo of Markus Perschmann

    Markus Perschmann Cast

  17. Photo of Katharina Wackernagel

    Katharina Wackernagel Cast

  18. Photo of Leta Davis

    Leta Davis Cast

  19. Photo of Sükriye Dönmez

    Sükriye Dönmez Cast

  20. Photo of Kathleen Fiedler

    Kathleen Fiedler Cast

  21. Photo of Alexander Höchst

    Alexander Höchst Cast

  22. Photo of Julius Lange

    Julius Lange Cast

  23. Photo of Konstantin Prochorowski

    Konstantin Prochorowski Cast

  24. Photo of Dieter Rita Scholl

    Dieter Rita Scholl Cast

  25. Photo of Friedrich von Cochenhausen

    Friedrich von Cochenhausen Cast

  26. Photo of Paula Wallenberg

    Paula Wallenberg Cast

  27. Photo of Hanns Zischler

    Hanns Zischler Cast