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  1. Photo of Roger Vadim

    Roger Vadim Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Claude Choublier

    Claude Choublier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roger Vailland

    Roger Vailland Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marquis de Sade

    Marquis de Sade Story

  5. Photo of Annie Girardot

    Annie Girardot Cast

  6. Photo of Catherine Deneuve

    Catherine Deneuve Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Hossein

    Robert Hossein Cast

  8. Photo of O.E. Hasse

    O.E. Hasse Cast

  9. Photo of Philippe Lemaire

    Philippe Lemaire Cast

  10. Photo of Luciana Paluzzi

    Luciana Paluzzi Cast

  11. Photo of Valeria Ciangottini

    Valeria Ciangottini Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Gégauff

    Paul Gégauff Cast

  13. Photo of Astrid Heeren

    Astrid Heeren Cast

  14. Photo of Serge Marquand

    Serge Marquand Cast

  15. Photo of Georges Poujouly

    Georges Poujouly Cast

  16. Photo of Michel de Ré

    Michel de Ré Cast

  17. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast

  18. Photo of Henri Virlojeux

    Henri Virlojeux Cast

  19. Photo of Pierre Gualdi

    Pierre Gualdi Cast

  20. Photo of Lucien Guervil

    Lucien Guervil Cast

  21. Photo of Jean-Pierre Honoré

    Jean-Pierre Honoré Cast

  22. Photo of Marianne Hardy

    Marianne Hardy Cast

  23. Photo of Michel Jourdan

    Michel Jourdan Cast

  24. Photo of Henri Lambert

    Henri Lambert Cast

  25. Photo of Rudy Lenoir

    Rudy Lenoir Cast

  26. Photo of Anne Libert

    Anne Libert Cast

  27. Photo of Marcel Grignon

    Marcel Grignon Cinematography

  28. Photo of Michel Magne

    Michel Magne Music

  29. Photo of Alain Poiré

    Alain Poiré Producer

  30. Photo of Victoria Mercanton

    Victoria Mercanton Editing