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  1. Photo of Knut Hamsun

    Knut Hamsun Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hans Christian Blech

    Hans Christian Blech Cast

  3. Photo of Erik Eriksson

    Erik Eriksson Cast

  4. Photo of Christiane Hörbiger

    Christiane Hörbiger Cast

  5. Photo of Thor W. Jacobsen

    Thor W. Jacobsen Cast

  6. Photo of Michaela Jolin

    Michaela Jolin Cast

  7. Photo of Gustaf Kleen

    Gustaf Kleen Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Schildt

    Peter Schildt Cast

  9. Photo of Stephan Schwartz

    Stephan Schwartz Cast

  10. Photo of Pia Skagermark

    Pia Skagermark Cast

  11. Photo of Sigmar Solbach

    Sigmar Solbach Cast

  12. Photo of Anders Cederlund

    Anders Cederlund Cinematography

  13. Photo of Hanno-Heinz Fuchs

    Hanno-Heinz Fuchs Cinematography

  14. Photo of Edward R. Pressman

    Edward R. Pressman Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Henrik Georgson

    Henrik Georgson Editing

  16. Photo of Tord Pååg

    Tord Pååg Editing

  17. Photo of Bo Widerberg

    Bo Widerberg Editing, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Folke Beck-Remnes

    Folke Beck-Remnes Sound

  19. Photo of Göran Carmback

    Göran Carmback Sound

  20. Photo of Jörgen Hasselblad

    Jörgen Hasselblad Sound

  21. Photo of Lars C. Lundberg

    Lars C. Lundberg Sound