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  1. Photo of James Algar

    James Algar Director

  2. Photo of Clyde Geronimi

    Clyde Geronimi Director

  3. Photo of Jack Kinney

    Jack Kinney Director

  4. Photo of H.C. Potter

    H.C. Potter Director

  5. Photo of Alexander de Seversky

    Alexander de Seversky Screenplay and Self

  6. Photo of Perce Pearce

    Perce Pearce Screenplay

  7. Photo of T. Hee

    T. Hee Screenplay

  8. Photo of Erdman Penner

    Erdman Penner Screenplay

  9. Photo of William Cottrell

    William Cottrell Screenplay

  10. Photo of James Bodrero

    James Bodrero Screenplay

  11. Photo of Vernon Stallings

    Vernon Stallings Screenplay

  12. Photo of Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez Screenplay

  13. Photo of Billy Mitchell

    Billy Mitchell Self

  14. Photo of Art Baker

    Art Baker Self

  15. Photo of Ray Rennahan

    Ray Rennahan Cinematography

  16. Photo of Edward H. Plumb

    Edward H. Plumb Music

  17. Photo of Paul J. Smith

    Paul J. Smith Music

  18. Photo of Oliver Wallace

    Oliver Wallace Music

  19. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Producer

  20. Photo of Jack Dennis

    Jack Dennis Editing

  21. Photo of Lodge Cunningham

    Lodge Cunningham Sound

  22. Photo of C.O. Slyfield

    C.O. Slyfield Sound

  23. Photo of Edwin Aardal

    Edwin Aardal Animation

  24. Photo of Jack Boyd

    Jack Boyd Animation

  25. Photo of Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser Animation

  26. Photo of Ollie Johnston

    Ollie Johnston Animation

  27. Photo of Bill Justice

    Bill Justice Animation

  28. Photo of Ward Kimball

    Ward Kimball Animation

  29. Photo of John Lounsbery

    John Lounsbery Animation

  30. Photo of John McManus

    John McManus Animation

  31. Photo of Joshua Meador

    Joshua Meador Animation

  32. Photo of George Rowley

    George Rowley Animation

  33. Photo of John Sibley

    John Sibley Animation

  34. Photo of Norman Tate

    Norman Tate Animation

  35. Photo of Harvey Toombs

    Harvey Toombs Animation

  36. Photo of Billl Tytla

    Billl Tytla Animation

  37. Photo of Marvin Woodward

    Marvin Woodward Animation