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  1. Braddis's rating of the film Videocracy

    Maybe it'd be a good thing if we would stop paying attention to those needy people, because that's what those power/money hungry people are looking for. Our attention...

  2. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Videocracy

    At the 65th minute, Corona polishes himself. Gosh! No pussy or ass, but sex, money, coke & alcohol is omnipresent. Fascination & repulsion mingle, simultaneously, intimately. Is the duality of man bestiality & humanism at the same time? Sans chatte ni Q, le sexe, l'argent, la coke & l'alcool sont omniprésents. Fascination & répulsion se mêlent, simultanément, intimement. Bestialité & humanisme, la dualité de l'homme?

  3. Alexandrine's rating of the film Videocracy

    The subject is interesting, it is a good entry to get interested to the italian political and television relations. A little bit frustrated to not know more details about it, how the system really work. Though, beautiful very sequences, perfect music.

  4. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Videocracy

    Dopotutto, basta apparire. Questo il concetto portante dietro l'intero documentario sulla contorta macchina che è il palinsesto televisivo berlusconiano. Un ritratto onesto di come il tubo catodico influenzi sogni e desideri del povero italiano medio, fino a dargli il contentino del semplice "apparire". Purtroppo il tutto pecca di superficialità ; spesso e volentieri ti sembra di sentir dire cose che già sapevi.

  5. paul oram's rating of the film Videocracy

    Great title - the premise behind this doc is no doubt entirely true. But it suffers from the producers inability to get interviews from a wide enough circle to give it weight (which was no doubt a problem with such media control!). It gets highjacked by this self absorbed Corona guy for way to long and more seriously i would accuse the producer of being equally complicit in not giving an actual voice to women!

  6. velapoma's rating of the film Videocracy

  7. AnAppleScruff's rating of the film Videocracy

    Interesting and embarrassing, as an Italian.

  8. Nathan.'s rating of the film Videocracy

  9. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Videocracy

    A fairly shocking true-life conspiracy tale of celebrity culture run amok. It profiles some truly fascinating personalities who populate a corrupt political climate that almost sounds too strange to be true. As compelling as the subject is, the editing could use some tightening and, as a film, it doesn't lead to any kind of satisfying conclusion. But despite its flaws, an important and engrossing film.

  10. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Videocracy

    Underwhelming to say the least. Watch Dorrentino's Il Divo instead if you want to understand how hopeless Italy is.

  11. Giulia Cavaliere's rating of the film Videocracy

  12. ach's rating of the film Videocracy

    cade nella trappola della spettacolarizzazione .... Infine si ricordano Corona e quel tizio con la testa larga e la veste bianca che manda avanti la baracca, non si sa davvero come !! SUPERFICIE niente di nuovo niente che non ci abbiano già dato. Anche questo regista ci prende per un pubblico di deboli bulimici