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  1. Photo of Willi Forst

    Willi Forst Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Viktor Léon

    Viktor Léon Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leo Stein

    Leo Stein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Axel Eggebrecht

    Axel Eggebrecht Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ernst Marischka

    Ernst Marischka Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hubert Marischka

    Hubert Marischka Screenplay

  7. Photo of Willy Fritsch

    Willy Fritsch Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Holst

    Maria Holst Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Moser

    Hans Moser Cast

  10. Photo of Theo Lingen

    Theo Lingen Cast

  11. Photo of Dorit Kreysler

    Dorit Kreysler Cast

  12. Photo of Fred Liewehr

    Fred Liewehr Cast

  13. Photo of Hedwig Bleibtreu

    Hedwig Bleibtreu Cast

  14. Photo of Klara Maria Skala

    Klara Maria Skala Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Henckels

    Paul Henckels Cast

  16. Photo of Ernst Fritz Fürbringer

    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Cast

  17. Photo of Egon von Jordan

    Egon von Jordan Cast

  18. Photo of Fritz Imhoff

    Fritz Imhoff Cast

  19. Photo of Maria Reining

    Maria Reining Cast

  20. Photo of Lea Piltti

    Lea Piltti Cast

  21. Photo of Wilma Tatzel

    Wilma Tatzel Cast

  22. Photo of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Cast

  23. Photo of Karl Blühm

    Karl Blühm Cast

  24. Photo of Julius Karsten

    Julius Karsten Cast

  25. Photo of Jan Stallich

    Jan Stallich Cinematography

  26. Photo of Willy Schmidt-Gentner

    Willy Schmidt-Gentner Music

  27. Photo of Werner Schlichting

    Werner Schlichting Production Design

  28. Photo of Arnfried Heyne

    Arnfried Heyne Editing

  29. Photo of Hans Wolff

    Hans Wolff Editing

  30. Photo of Alfred Norkus

    Alfred Norkus Sound