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  1. Photo of Emil E. Reinert

    Emil E. Reinert Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques Companeez

    Jacques Companeez Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Gustl Kernmayr

    Hans Gustl Kernmayr Screenplay

  4. Photo of Benno Vigny

    Benno Vigny Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marte Harell

    Marte Harell Cast

  6. Photo of Anton Walbrook

    Anton Walbrook Cast

  7. Photo of Lilly Stepanek

    Lilly Stepanek Cast

  8. Photo of Fritz Imhoff

    Fritz Imhoff Cast

  9. Photo of Lotte Lang

    Lotte Lang Cast

  10. Photo of Eva Leiter

    Eva Leiter Cast

  11. Photo of Karl Kalwoda

    Karl Kalwoda Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Eybner

    Richard Eybner Cast

  13. Photo of Erik Frey

    Erik Frey Cast

  14. Photo of Milan von Kamare

    Milan von Kamare Cast

  15. Photo of Viktor Braun

    Viktor Braun Cast

  16. Photo of Franz Böheim

    Franz Böheim Cast

  17. Photo of Oskar Wegrostek

    Oskar Wegrostek Cast

  18. Photo of Ludwig Blaha

    Ludwig Blaha Cast

  19. Photo of Heinrich Ortmayer

    Heinrich Ortmayer Cast

  20. Photo of Günther Anders

    Günther Anders Cinematography

  21. Photo of Willy Schmidt-Gentner

    Willy Schmidt-Gentner Music

  22. Photo of Otto Niedermoser

    Otto Niedermoser Production Design

  23. Photo of Karl Ehrlich

    Karl Ehrlich Producer

  24. Photo of Henny Brünsch

    Henny Brünsch Editing

  25. Photo of Leo Bei

    Leo Bei Costume Design

  26. Photo of Hill Reihs-Gromes

    Hill Reihs-Gromes Costume Design