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  1. Photo of Swarna Subba Rao

    Swarna Subba Rao Director

  2. Photo of Bala Krishna

    Bala Krishna Cast

  3. Photo of Laya

    Laya Cast

  4. Photo of Ankita

    Ankita Cast

  5. Photo of Sangeeta

    Sangeeta Cast

  6. Photo of Mukesh Rushi

    Mukesh Rushi Cast

  7. Photo of Ashish Vidyarthi

    Ashish Vidyarthi Cast

  8. Photo of Surya

    Surya Cast

  9. Photo of Satya Prakash

    Satya Prakash Cast

  10. Photo of Balayya

    Balayya Cast

  11. Photo of Ahuti Prasad

    Ahuti Prasad Cast

  12. Photo of Brahmanandam

    Brahmanandam Cast

  13. Photo of Venu Madhav

    Venu Madhav Cast

  14. Photo of Sudhakar

    Sudhakar Cast

  15. Photo of Chalapati Rao

    Chalapati Rao Cast

  16. Photo of Sobharaj

    Sobharaj Cast

  17. Photo of Mohanraj

    Mohanraj Cast

  18. Photo of Manorama

    Manorama Cast

  19. Photo of Rajyalakshmi

    Rajyalakshmi Cast

  20. Photo of Bhupinder Singh

    Bhupinder Singh Cast

  21. Photo of Devi Charan

    Devi Charan Cast