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Ratings & Reviews

  1. panagiotatos's rating of the film Villegas

    decent movie, i hated the songs though particularly the first one.

  2. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film Villegas

    ein film mit einem eigenartigen sog, der immer hart an der langeweile vorbeischrammt. ich mag ihn.

  3. captainfez's rating of the film Villegas

    If I want to study the quotidian, I'll look in a mirror.

  4. Carmen Dindi's rating of the film Villegas

    A film about how we lack the courage to tell the truth of what we really want to do with our life and how we choose to follow the path of ordinary life and social conventions by suppressing emotions and giving up on dreams. Simple and touching. I really liked it.

  5. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Villegas

    A typical, without any surprises, score very well executed. Restrained and 'dangerless', still not at all in a negative way. It, rather, gave me the impression of a director who wants to first make sure he controls and knows his grounds -- which he does -- before he reaches out seeking his limits. The fourth star is for this attitude really. I'm left waiting for his next one.

  6. mgaspa's rating of the film Villegas

    Una obra muy interesant y muy bien construida con dos actores magnificos. Bravo !!!

  7. Dag Kaszlikowski's rating of the film Villegas

    It’s a film with a potential that is diluted by its rather cheap tricks to make us care. However, it still has some degree of gritty mundanity that safes it from a disaster and makes it a pretty watchable affair.

  8. Anca's rating of the film Villegas

    I really enjoyed the way the characters were shaped and the atmosphere created. There was enough time given in order to feel empathy and to be ”present” in there.

  9. Silke Neryn's rating of the film Villegas

    The film, by itself, is a 3. But with our shared love of the restrained and the humane, we - the film and I - turn it into a 4.

  10. Mercedes's rating of the film Villegas

    This is a very especial film, the kind of film which show us the normal life of their character giving us the opportunity to enjoy the smaller things of the life.

  11. lauli's rating of the film Villegas

    This is a special film. I don't know what sort of impact it might have on a foreign audience, but I think it captures very well the ambivalent feelings those who come from small towns and move to the city feel upon their return.