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  1. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Vincere

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Vincere

    Mêlant étroitement et adroitement destinées individuelles et histoire contemporaine, sur fond révérencieux et déférents pour le cinématographe, Marco Bellocchio, toujours aussi primordial, nous propose une oeuvre efficace et solide, traversée d'étonnantes scènes à la lisière du fantastique, avec de percutants acteurs transcendés par la densité de leurs personnages...

  3. dunjatello's rating of the film Vincere

  4. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Vincere

    Well made. A change for a biopic - there is too many of those getting made.

  5. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Vincere

    Ce film m'a fait penser à "Une Journée particulière", pourtant très différent. Ida Dalser, une jeune femme qui par amour sacrifia sa fortune à la carrière du leader fasciste Mussolini et qui lui donna en 1915 son premier fils, Benito Albino, finit enfermée à l’asile en 1922, le maître de l’Italie ayant fait détruire ou falsifier toutes les preuves de leur liaison.

  6. Mr.Pacha's rating of the film Vincere

  7. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Vincere

    Un filme que es atractivo en su primera parte, es decir para cuando apunta a ser una épica sobre la formación de un político, el tránsito de temporadas tensas y el de un melodrama. Lo que sigue es un drama personal. De pronto el personaje más carismático se vuelve una presencia mitificada aunque ausente, mientras tanto la trama empatiza con. La frustración y la locura. Menos interesante que lo anterior.

  8. Giuseppe Rigaglia's rating of the film Vincere

  9. xPanchi's rating of the film Vincere

    que pelicula bkn! Protagonista..adivinen:mujer!,italiana que se enamora de Mussolini (atractivo debio ser ese gallo pa que tanta mina estuviera loquilla por el.Hablo por la perso noma, no por la ideologia,ok?!)la galla enloquece de amor por el y él,al principio, le corresponde,despues ya no(maldito)y ella que queda embarazada,toda la pelicula se la pasa reclamando para que reconozca a su hijo.

  10. msmichel's rating of the film Vincere

    Bellocchio captures history passing through the eyes of a woman blinded by love and obsession.Giovanna Mezzogiorno's performance here is sublime and is as haunting now as it was first seeing the film in '09. The film is a triumph of editing weaving in silent film footage, newsreels and its own recreations. Rewatching film does seem a tad long and the choice of casting Timi in two roles may not have been the best.

  11. Emerson's rating of the film Vincere

  12. marcia murolo litmanowicz's rating of the film Vincere

  13. afrânio's rating of the film Vincere

  14. André Dias's rating of the film Vincere

    Literally, a historical hard-on with Mussolini's fascism (for those who appreciate it).

  15. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Vincere

    Why is Mezzogiorno not more widely known? This performance is a wonder. She was also miraculous in "The Last Kiss."

  16. 張大智's rating of the film Vincere

    A little heavy handed and empty. Photographed nicely, but at times a bit too showy. It's unfortunate Ida's conflict is practically unbelievable because I feel there is great energy in Mezzogiorno that needs better direction and script writing to make it come to life. But all in all, another embellished and just mildly interesting biopic.

  17. Daniele Ferrante's rating of the film Vincere

    Dialoghi banali, da fiction della rai. Resa Macchiettistica dei personaggi storici (esattamente come succede nelle fiction peggiori dove tutto viene appiattito e dove tutti un po' si somigliano nelle loro ambizioni, da Meucci a Caravaggio), Attori intercambiabili, effetti di post-produzione che respingono invece che avvicinare, errori grossolani...a meno che non siate culturalmente patriottici non fa al caso vostro.

  18. Guido Fierlbeck's rating of the film Vincere

  19. Dizzydent's rating of the film Vincere

    Fascinating subject matter and a few great sequences, but it just never comes together.

  20. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Vincere

    Some good scenes. Fine performances. Interesting bit of (possible) history. Tedious movie.

  21. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Vincere

  22. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Vincere

    Good but not transcendent.

  23. Manuel Bernardo's rating of the film Vincere

    The film looks great but I'm not so sure about the content. While I don't think protagonists have to be saints, it's irritating how the film tries to make us feel compassion for a character I find very difficult to care about - she loves fascism (literally) and craves to be supreme ruler (or something). I can't say her martyrdom compels me, tough the strong performances and visual flair make the picture watchable.

  24. Vinsz's rating of the film Vincere

    Archive footage interacts in a creative way with the storyline, and considering that cinema was the most powerful channel Mussolini used to conquer consensus, Bellocchio's style is both coherent and emotional-driven - as for the clear references to melodrama codes (light contrast and music, most of all). And yes, it is extremely loud, but this loudness seems to me a great way to depict the fury of war bursting.

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