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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Vinyan

    At first Vinyan seems like it could have the makings of something special. Its premise is intriguing and immediately gives its characters sympathy, while the location work in Southeast Asia is superb, as is the photography. But after a good 30 minutes it starts to repeat its same plot dynamics and character characteristics for the rest of the film. Not even a great final shot and harrowing falling action can save it.

  2. Balthaz21's rating of the film Vinyan

  3. Tibulle85's rating of the film Vinyan

    Un bien bel emballage...pour un bon gros nanar des familles! Le postulat de départ est totalement invraisemblable, et le dernier tiers du film est l'une des choses les plus absurdes qu'il m'ait été donné de voir. Au final, seules les lèvres d'Emmanuelle Béart parviennent à créer un véritable sentiment de malaise et d'horreur dans le cœur du pauvre spectateur. Pauvre de moi!

  4. PhKa's rating of the film Vinyan

    Un film qui essaye tellement par une mise en scène tapageuse et, je ne le nie pas, maîtrisée, d'être cauchemardesque et inquiétant, qu'il ne nous laisse que le spectacle de cette tentative sans nous plonger réellement dans le cauchemar ; pour ma part, je reste à la lisière sans arriver à vraiment plonger dedans

  5. Elliot Totzauer's rating of the film Vinyan

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Vinyan

    Quelque part au milieu du film, en pleine mer et doute intérieurs, sur un banal rafiot thaïlandais rafistolé, Rufus Sewell, l'acteur principal, affirme doctement : "On nous mène en bateau". C'est bien l'impression persistante que ressent le spectateur durant le déroulement soporifique et bêtifiant de cette pénible pochade post-adolescente, d'une médiocrité affligeante.

  7. fada19's rating of the film Vinyan

  8.'s rating of the film Vinyan

  9. David Carpenter's rating of the film Vinyan

  10. kartina obskura's rating of the film Vinyan

    the last film i saw sewell in was "the holiday". a bit different.

  11. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Vinyan

    Emmanuelle BEART est, à tout point de vue, extraordinaire.

  12. Valentin Alexandru's rating of the film Vinyan

  13. Tom Barnard's rating of the film Vinyan

    I can't help but feel as though this was something of a wasted opportunity.

  14. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Vinyan

    With dread, panic and horror Vinyan belongs among the essential missing-child films like Bunny Lake Is Missing, Seance On A Wet Afternoon, The Wicker Man, Hardcore, Prisoners, The Imposter, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, far and away from interesting but ultimately White American Housewife fare like The Deep End of the Ocean.

  15. Judin Ministrant's rating of the film Vinyan

  16. Justin Vicari's rating of the film Vinyan

    This is the film where von Trier got the idea for Antichrist! It all makes sense now. The back of the DVD proudly credits Emmanuelle Béart with having made "Mission:Impossible"! Who needs an acting pedigree when you've snagged a franchise?

  17. nefolk's rating of the film Vinyan

    Really quite impressive once you dismiss the plot as superficial and view it as a work of art and on a 'metaphorical' level, the characters being manifestations of a singular psyche, the interplay of subconscious forces whilst searching for something lost, e.g. one's childhood. Here darkness prevails, hence the 'horror'. Not entirely flawless, yet the cinematography is incredible, the sound and ambience enthralling.

  18. Dzimas's rating of the film Vinyan

    In an odd way it reminded me of Apocalypse Now with the journey into the impenetrable forest, but there was something lacking. One didn't so much feel frightened as disgusted.

  19. Tiago Inácio's rating of the film Vinyan

    location as a character. superior exotic supernatural thriller oozing atmosphere. what a beautiful sensorial experience... and that gorgeous ending... aww my

  20. Andy Cucumber's rating of the film Vinyan

    An annoying guy shouting "Jeanne" for 90 minutes

  21. Varcolac's rating of the film Vinyan

    This is quite surrealistic, is focused in he madness of a mother loss, Béart is the only one that saves the movie drama, the Welz idea is insane!.

  22. J. O.'s rating of the film Vinyan

    Vinyan is quite slow and meditative, focusing mainly on the psychologies of its main characters, rather than the mysterious circumstances that seems to consume them. The first half of the film is manic and sweaty, the second is steamy and eerie. Deep jungle, rain storms, fires, feral children, and ancient temple ruins punctuate this unique little film.

  23. Westley's rating of the film Vinyan

    This did not impress me when I saw it. That was a couple of years ago though, and I kind of want to see it again to see if it improves upon a second viewing.

  24. Rashed's rating of the film Vinyan

    one of the most brilliant evocations of location ever put to film - vinyan wears antichrist's ominous atmosphere on its sleeves and is ever so beautiful for it. like antichrist, it leads with a couple's odyssey to find their presumably dead son in the aftermath of the tsunami. but really, what lies at the heart of a grieving woman is violent, destructive and oddly serene all at the same time.

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