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  1. Photo of Donatella Maiorca

    Donatella Maiorca Director

  2. Photo of Claudio Antonini

    Claudio Antonini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fabrizio Bettelli

    Fabrizio Bettelli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stefania Rocca

    Stefania Rocca Cast

  5. Photo of Stefano Rota

    Stefano Rota Cast

  6. Photo of Rossana Mortara

    Rossana Mortara Cast

  7. Photo of Rolando Ravello

    Rolando Ravello Cast

  8. Photo of Aisha Cerami

    Aisha Cerami Cast

  9. Photo of Elio Pistolesi

    Elio Pistolesi Cast

  10. Photo of Maddalena Crippa

    Maddalena Crippa Cast

  11. Photo of Ennio Fantastichini

    Ennio Fantastichini Cast

  12. Photo of Marcello Montarsi

    Marcello Montarsi Cinematography

  13. Photo of Isabella Colliva

    Isabella Colliva Music

  14. Photo of Cinzia Donti

    Cinzia Donti Music

  15. Photo of Beatrice Scarpato

    Beatrice Scarpato Production Design

  16. Photo of Leos Kamsteeg

    Leos Kamsteeg Producer

  17. Photo of Donatella Palermo

    Donatella Palermo Producer

  18. Photo of Ugo De Rossi

    Ugo De Rossi Editing

  19. Photo of Patrizio Marone

    Patrizio Marone Editing

  20. Photo of Anne Marie Heinreich

    Anne Marie Heinreich Costume Design