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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Violet

    Claustrophobia and absence in the suburbs. When we look back at our lives, will we remember the good times, or do the bad times overwhelm? This is a beautiful meditative feature.

  2. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Violet

    Thank you, Mubi. Deep gratitude. This is why I’m here. Things like this, the Peter Bo Rappmund series, Anne Emond, Deborah Stratman, the Lav Diaz series, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and on and on. Form and function, abstract and formal values, meaning, they are all one thing.

  3. dione anderson's rating of the film Violet

    My son was killed in an apartment fire where his two roommates were able to get out unharmed. There is a scene in this movie where Jesse stops to visit Jonas's father that rings so true to life. The father stops in the middle of fixing coffee to come back into the room with Jesse and kiss him. I recognized that desire to reach out and say, "it's ok. I don't wish it were you. I'm glad you survived."

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Violet

    There are events that change the trajectory of our lives. That alter our reality. That affect the way others see us and the way we see them. Events that close the doors and force us upon other pathways.

  5. mpho3's rating of the film Violet

    "Would I have loved the film even more if the story had a bit more meat on it, and if the abstract images didn’t burst my bubble of comfort? Absolutely. But, I’d be blind if I didn’t appreciate and support Bas Devos’ [and DP Nicolas Karakatsanis'] fearlessness in telling [t]his story with such haunting visual cues." - Nikola Grozdanovic, IndieWire. 3.5 stars

  6. plentynuff's rating of the film Violet

    Belgian "Elephant." (meant as a compliment, not a slight) Worth watching for the sound design alone. Haunting; hard to remember while watching if you're melancholic for the dead boy or your own youth.

  7. Chunkino's rating of the film Violet

    Felt like after my room is ultra clean and my sheets freshly washed and I plop on my bed to slowly thumb through a recently purchased expensive European arts and fashion magazine. The images are angelic, the articles are poetic, and the silence of the photography has so much meaning. Divine film.

  8. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Violet

    Thirty minutes of movie crammed into 82 minutes.

  9. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Violet

    The aestheticization of trauma and sorrow, with self-indulgent nods to Gus Van Sant and Michael Haneke. I was expecting (or rather, hoping for) a final revelation à la Antonio Campos (Afterschool) but the CCTV footage at the beginning is just a MacGuffin and the Google Streetview interludes just redundant (a metaphor for disorientation?). And what about the fog at the end? An homage to John Carpenter?

  10. Korial's rating of the film Violet

    Some movies are surrounded by a halo of unexplainable beauty. Haunting in its simplicity.

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Violet

    It's going for mood and a bit of existential contemplation. It is just really slow. The acting is solid and so realistic that it almost seems like a documentary. And then the mood just digs in at somber level 1000 and never lets up. Some good camerawork and a very interesting final shot that makes you wonder what the P.O.V. is, and the answer might have caused me to wish that the entire movie was more like that.

  12. David Perez's rating of the film Violet

    A slow burn with neither smoke nor fire. An absolute failure.

  13. juanitarrr's rating of the film Violet

    I would say the most flemish film out there.

  14. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Violet

  15. matelot's rating of the film Violet

  16. El Biffo's rating of the film Violet

    Cinematography by Nicolas Karakatsanis

  17. Joe Hackman's rating of the film Violet

  18. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Violet

    Basterebbe quel meraviglioso carrello conclusivo tra le vie di un quartiere periferico deserto, per fare di Violet un grande film...

  19. svulps's rating of the film Violet

    Even though it deals with a very confronting human experience this movie doesn't engage emotionally. Truly wonderful cinematography though.

  20. Jorge Negrete's rating of the film Violet

    The sublimation of misé en scene.

  21. Martinus's rating of the film Violet

    Violet is the kind of cinema where narrative is reduced to almost nothing, which brings the poetry of sounds and images on the foreground. Though the film seems a bit too much in love with its own flou artistique, as a cinematic mood piece this debut from Bas Devos is a refreshing addition to the new crop of young Flemish filmmakers who started flourishing around DOP Nicolas Karakatsanis.

  22. Lenore Beadsman's rating of the film Violet

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  24. Roberto Carlos's rating of the film Violet