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  1. Photo of Lily Y. Monteverde

    Lily Y. Monteverde Executive Producer

  2. Photo of T.E. Pagaspas

    T.E. Pagaspas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Uro Q. dela Cruz

    Uro Q. dela Cruz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Conrado Baltazar

    Conrado Baltazar Cinematography

  5. Photo of Sarsi Emmanuelle

    Sarsi Emmanuelle Cast

  6. Photo of Miguel Rodríguez

    Miguel Rodríguez Cast

  7. Photo of Abel Jurado

    Abel Jurado Cast

  8. Photo of Arbie Antonio

    Arbie Antonio Cast

  9. Photo of Jed Arboleda

    Jed Arboleda Cast

  10. Photo of Bruce Fanger

    Bruce Fanger Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Zwanziger

    Robert Zwanziger Cast

  12. Photo of Ama Quiambao

    Ama Quiambao Cast

  13. Photo of Peque Gallaga

    Peque Gallaga Cast and Director

  14. Photo of Pen Medina

    Pen Medina Cast

  15. Photo of Jess Navarro

    Jess Navarro Editing

  16. Photo of Don Escudero

    Don Escudero Production Design

  17. Photo of Jaime Fabregas

    Jaime Fabregas Music

  18. Photo of Esperanza de la Cruz

    Esperanza de la Cruz Costume Design

  19. Photo of Greg Lipit

    Greg Lipit Costume Design