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  1. Cineastic's rating of the film Viridiana

    There were some memorable sequences in this film (such as the re-enactment of the Last Supper). However, I found this film to be overall lacklustre and sloppily realised. The plot didn't interest me at all either. It really feels like watching a black-and-white telenovela more than a serious arthouse picture.

  2. xrystyna's rating of the film Viridiana

    for me it had it's moments, but all in all was annoying in its snobbishness and shallowness. i guess it might have had a power to shock in 1961, but this power has worn off significantly

  3. Gylfi's rating of the film Viridiana

    The last supper scene is a fine example for why I love films. More than 50 years after it's release, Viridiana still has the same power to shock. Absolutely loved it !

  4. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Viridiana

  5. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Viridiana

    This could be my favorite Buñuel! (this or Discreet Charm) It was definitely my most emotional Buñuel experience. I absolutely loved it on every level. The dinner scene at the end is one the most incredible things ever committed to celluloid. This film really managed to absolutely shock me which is getting harder and harder to do! Just absolutely incredible and well shot too! Perhaps one of my new favorite films.

  6. Tigrão's rating of the film Viridiana

    Good god, that dinner scene was just incredible. Grotesque, violent, hilarious and beautiful.

  7. wolfmansRazor's rating of the film Viridiana

    Bunuel clearly admires Viridiana's religious devotion even as he ridicules her Catholicism. He identifies with Rey, though he abhors his entitled social status. He empathizes with the bums, while still revealing their baseness. If this remote estate, with its lonely lord and colony of the downtrodden, has all seemed a bit unreal and out of time, that's because it is. In the end, pop music & gambling & no more ideals.

  8. MrPinkGorilla's rating of the film Viridiana

    Es impensable no sentir el respiro detrás de cámara del Sr. Buñuel en cada toma, su marca en el cine y en esta película desnuda toda percepción hecha en el cine mismo, transgresor, delicado, perfeccionista y amante de la verdad, Buñuel muestra en Viridiana algo que no pensábamos que podíamos ver hasta ese momento y por encima de eso, lo hace más que ningún otro totalmente suyo.

  9. Tabikenezer von Higglesbloom's rating of the film Viridiana

    Bosley Crowther hit the nail on the head with this one, imo.

  10. Daniela's rating of the film Viridiana

    Entertaining, but overall too heavy handed in it message and a bit of a disappointment for a Buñuel.

  11. Christofer Pierson's rating of the film Viridiana

    Wickedly dry, deadpan satire. Sabroso!

  12. soiwaswrong's rating of the film Viridiana

    The most irritating part here are the abusive and ambitious and out of control paupers... It shows how are they different and why they became miserable...

  13. Chris's rating of the film Viridiana

  14. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Viridiana

    Sweet charity. Fairly early entry in the 'everyday surrealism' Bunuel excels at and a brazenly pointed - if sometimes obvious - swipe at hypocrisy and human frailty, religious or otherwise.

  15. Jason Miller's rating of the film Viridiana

    OH my This was SO awesome. I was either either giggling at his sharp-tongued-ness, frightened out of my mind, or both. I love you dearly, Luis Bunuel

  16. Kamran's rating of the film Viridiana

    Great film. A solid plot that is expertly narrated, acted, and filmed. While it has hints of art-house and surrealist cinema, this struck me mostly as a kind of playful black comedy. Don't get me wrong, though, the writing does get quite deep. 4 (4.5)/5

  17. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Viridiana

    Buñuel and Alatriste made great films. I wish there had been more. Watching this for the second time, the effect was less, but I still see greatness. But watching it with others who had never seen it was great. I could hear them gasp at Buñuel's most irreverent moments. There was even a "oh my god, he didn't" when the last supper scene came on. It's still one of my favorites.

  18. AntioneOscar69's rating of the film Viridiana

    A scathing indictment of both religion and naivete, expertly directed, with a masterful screenplay with unforgettable characterizations and twists and turns. Still every bit as provocative and brilliant some 50 years later.

  19. Atoms For Peace's rating of the film Viridiana

    This masterpiece by Luis Bunuel shows us the misery of the human condition. Brilliant !

  20. M4rty's rating of the film Viridiana

    Luis Buñuel is a Saint ...

  21. chanandre's rating of the film Viridiana

    [Cinémathèque PT #551: 35 mm] (2007)

  22. Gui Danner's rating of the film Viridiana

    Church people open his minds.

  23. Iliveinfear's rating of the film Viridiana

    Perhaps my favorite Bunuel. Blasphemous, perverse, and hilarious. Just the way I like it.

  24. L.A.™'s rating of the film Viridiana

    Fernando Rey is marvelous in this film. A nice comic gem from Bunuel.