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  1. Photo of Peter Sasdy

    Peter Sasdy Director

  2. Photo of Brian Lawrence

    Brian Lawrence Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Reid

    David Reid Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Roy Skeggs

    Roy Skeggs Producer

  5. Photo of Anthony Hinds

    Anthony Hinds Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Elder

    John Elder Screenplay

  7. Photo of Frank Watts

    Frank Watts Cinematography

  8. Photo of Kathryn Leigh Scott

    Kathryn Leigh Scott Cast

  9. Photo of Simon MacCorkindale

    Simon MacCorkindale Cast

  10. Photo of Gareth Thomas

    Gareth Thomas Cast

  11. Photo of Mia Nadasi

    Mia Nadasi Cast

  12. Photo of Stanley Lebor

    Stanley Lebor Cast

  13. Photo of Gordon Reid

    Gordon Reid Cast

  14. Photo of Chris Barnes

    Chris Barnes Editing

  15. Photo of Carolyn Scott

    Carolyn Scott Production Design

  16. Photo of Marcel Durham

    Marcel Durham Music

  17. Photo of Philip Martell

    Philip Martell Music

  18. Photo of Peter Best

    Peter Best Sound

  19. Photo of John Bramall

    John Bramall Sound

  20. Photo of Jack T. Knight

    Jack T. Knight Sound

  21. Photo of Otto Snel

    Otto Snel Sound

  22. Photo of Bryan Tilling

    Bryan Tilling Sound

  23. Photo of Laura Nightingale

    Laura Nightingale Costume Design