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  1. Photo of Constanze Knoche

    Constanze Knoche Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Leis Bagdach

    Leis Bagdach Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Uwe Kockisch

    Uwe Kockisch Cast

  4. Photo of Corinna Kirchhoff

    Corinna Kirchhoff Cast

  5. Photo of Anjorka Strechel

    Anjorka Strechel Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Müller

    Anne Müller Cast

  7. Photo of Jakob Diehl

    Jakob Diehl Cast

  8. Photo of Irina Potapenko

    Irina Potapenko Cast

  9. Photo of Bernhard Schütz

    Bernhard Schütz Cast

  10. Photo of Andreas Leupold

    Andreas Leupold Cast

  11. Photo of Janusz Kocaj

    Janusz Kocaj Cast

  12. Photo of Mehdi Nebbou

    Mehdi Nebbou Cast

  13. Photo of Yukihiro Ikutani

    Yukihiro Ikutani Production Design

  14. Photo of Silvia Loinjak

    Silvia Loinjak Producer

  15. Photo of Katrin Schlösser

    Katrin Schlösser Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Nicole Gerhards

    Nicole Gerhards Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Kai Minierski

    Kai Minierski Editing

  18. Photo of Dolby SR

    Dolby SR Sound

  19. Photo of Moritz Biene

    Moritz Biene Animation

  20. Photo of Julia Schiller

    Julia Schiller Costume Design