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Ratings & Reviews

  1. suede's rating of the film Vitus

    What appears to be a cheesy TV movie about wunderkind precocity acquires a new quality after a fascinating plot turn halfway through. The story from there, and Bruno Ganz's interactions with his grandson, make this truly worthwile. That's saying something. For the dubbing is unbelievably bad, the image quality is poor, a lot of the acting isn't strong, and some goodwill is required to ignore the plot holes.

  2. riraru's rating of the film Vitus

    Bild und Synchronton sind teilweise so gräßlich wie die Mutter.

  3. Florence's rating of the film Vitus

    wonderfully sweet film for life and art and bruno ganz is marvelous as the loving grandfather

  4. swann_'s rating of the film Vitus