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  1. epiphany_moment2000's rating of the film Viva

    That final lipsync though!!! It shook me to my fucking core!

  2. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Viva

  3. richardlawrn's rating of the film Viva

    I was kinda deceived by the trailer which made me think this was a in-search-of-a-dream movie. well, it is but that isn't all. jesus searches for himself as well and he comes alive on stage. He has a fragileness that contrasts with his surroundings and it's hard to see what one has to go through to survive. And then there is his disgusting father, a miserable wretch who gained zero empathy from me.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Viva

    A man returns to Cuba after many years to discover his grown son has just taken up drag performance in a shady bar and forbids his continuing. The son sacrifices his own needs to make a bond with said father. Did I mention the father is a violent drunk and has a secret illness too? Cliché city develops. Will the father come to terms with his son's identity before it's too late? O vey. Hector Medina very good.

  5. A47's rating of the film Viva

    Subjectively, a very emotional and moving film. Objectively, just about every topical art-house troupe successfully navigated in one movie. The problem? It keeps coming. It's just too much. Can't help but love these characters, but the there's too many repeat beats. Can't help but love the textures, but there seems to be little reason to return to the settings for each scene.

  6. bloodcurdlingsameness's rating of the film Viva

    The story structure feels a bit too familiar, but the performances hit hard and keep your eyes locked. The club scenes in particular were such a gorgeous display of physical expression that subtitles became unnecessary.