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  1. Jason's rating of the film Viva l'Italia!

    VIVA L'ITALIA is the kind of myth-centric filmmaking committed as public act perfected by Renoir w/ LA MARSEILLAISE (one of the most timely collectively-minded popular films of all time). Rossellini is a far more paternalistic filmmaker, in his later career playing something like the role of scholar. VIVA L'ITALIA is a standout among his education-focused films. A completely singular approach put to singular use.

  2. Sarah's rating of the film Viva l'Italia!

    hard work not falling asleep in cinema.

  3. Federico Tirofijo's rating of the film Viva l'Italia!

  4. Neil Bahadur's rating of the film Viva l'Italia!

    Of course, it would be so very Rossellini to shoot a documentary as though it were fiction, and shoot fiction as though it were documentary....but more importantly, how wondrous it is for a camera's movements to be so utterly unpredictable, for each cut to come when you least expect it. Rossellini is still so far ahead of his time.