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  1. Thomas's rating of the film Viva Riva!

  2. Christofer Pierson's rating of the film Viva Riva!

    A top-tier genre picture. Kinshasa may be dysfunctional but Viva Riva works beautifully.

  3. mpho3's rating of the film Viva Riva!

    Twitch states "To say that VIVA RIVA! is well-made considering its origins would be a monumental disservice to all involved - the film is slick, sexy and stylish by anybody's standards to the extent that it's almost inconceivable that what you are watching is a first-time director at work in a country that has produced nothing of this kind in its history." -- Agreed. Great ending, too!

  4. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Viva Riva!

    A good, traditional gangster film with the bonus of an unfamiliar setting to lend an exotic flavor.

  5. Hoji's rating of the film Viva Riva!

    Viva Riva! is screening at the Berlinale (2/10-2/20). The film was a blast at the 2010 TIFF, being purchased by Music Box for distribution in the US. Online tickets for the premiere at the Berlinale (2/11) are sold out. Rumours say that the movie will be screening at a New York film festival soon. Check for more info.