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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Un superbe chef-d'oeuvre lyrique et puissant par sa profonde dimension politico-historique entre épopée tragique et destin légendaire, avec une étonnante interprétation d'Anthony Quinn qui fut magistralement primé par un Oscar pour sa composition...

  2. pluviosity's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    It's a romanticization of Zapata alright, if you just focusing on how the movie was so historically inaccurate (and perhaps, so white-washed). The story is more about revolution concept than Zapata himself, I think. For example, how would you rate a succesful revolution? Just like Pablo said: "Our cause is land, not thought"

  3. ñiñiñi's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    bonito el marlon brando. iwalito al de apocalypse now ajajajaj

  4.'s rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Our Daily Free Stream: Elia Kazan / Marlon Brando - Viva Zapata. Um den tatsächlich grossartig gemachten Film geniessen zu können, sollte man einfach den geschichtlichen Hintergrund ignorieren. Offensichtlich verrät der Film mehr über seinen Drehbuch-Autoren John Steinbeck und den Regisseur Elia Kazan als über die mexikanische Revolution...

  5. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

  6. La Foret's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    What a great introduction of a leading character!

  7. Murat Erdem's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Çok sevemediğim filmlerden.

  8. Drew.'s rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Where can I see this!?

  9. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Though the screenplay "missed" something and didn't give more of a personal connection to the material this solid film has admirable direction by Kazan and performances by Brando and Quinn.

  10. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Brando and his fake lashes , a young and slim Anthony Quinn, Jean Peters as a Mexican girl (tough job) and Alan Reed as Pancho Villa (easy job). Politics corrupts and noble ideas lead to terror. Zapata's death, minced by dozens of bullets. Masterpiece.

  11. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    Biopic directed by Elia Kazan, with an original screenplay by John Steinbeck, is unfortunately underwhelming. It has a number of strong moments, but as a whole is a rather turgid and heavy-handed melodrama, with uneven performances from its much lauded cast. Not a bad film, really, but a disappointment considering the talent involved. Great score by Alex North.

  12. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film Viva Zapata!

    No es ninguna obra maestra, por supuesto, pero vale la pena ver esta cinta por lo divertido que resulta el percatarse de la infinidad de baches e inexactitudes historicas que se presentan, pero principalmente, por el tono critico y la ironia manejada sobre el asunto. Sobra decirlo, pero resulta mucho mas eficaz la solida presencia de un Marlon Brando como Zapata, que la puteria a flor de piel de Alejandro Fernandez.